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We design immersive, co-creative workshops that bring a playful approach to tackling your organisational challenges

We can help you co-create your vision, values or purpose, develop a roadmap or strategy or simply create a space where your team can get to know each other better as humans, not just worker bees.  

We take a strategic question your team is facing and create a framework to explore it with fresh eyes. We use creative techniques (from improv to story telling or imagery) to give people permission to step into a different way of being and working together. 


At the end of our workshops you will go away having done the work, knowing more about each other as people and having had a great time.

Find out more about our playshops


Co-create your vision and values as a team


Unite your team behind a strategy that you’ve all had a hand in creating


Create connections and collaboration within your team and have fun doing it


Our coaching helps you bring more flow, joy and authenticity to your work

Whether you’re a leader needing space to get clear on your vision or you’re managing a team and have some challenging dynamics to address, we create a playful space for you to work things through in a way that feels energising. 


You set the agenda and we co-design a creative journey that will help you see things in a different way. 

We often work outside in nature. We use tools like storytelling, model making, mapping and vision boards to help you make the shift you need. We bring a systemic perspective to the work we do and often use constellations as part of this work.  


We offer both one-to-one coaching and team coaching.  


Find out more about our coaching sessions


A regular space to step back from the day-to-day and see the bigger picture


Coaching that builds on strengths and irons out kinks across your whole team

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