Our approach is playful, embodied and immersive.
This is how we make work play

We draw on a range of
creative techniques to get people into a different way
of thinking and being. We work with improvisation, Lego, imagery, metaphor and crafts.


We create space for people to bring their whole selves, not just their clever heads, because we believe our bodies hold wisdom and knowledge that the cognitive world of work often doesn't tap into.


The work we do is immersive and hands on.
Our workshops are not
‘sitting-around-a-table-and-talking-all-day’ sessions,
but get people up, moving
and playing.


The space we inhabit influences how we behave and the way we think. Where we can, we work in nature because it gives everyone a healthy dose of perspective, inspiration and calm.



What is creative facilitation?

Creative facilitation is a participatory, immersive way of helping a group solve a problem together. Rather than sitting round a table talking all day we use games, imagery, nature and our bodies to explore the task at hand.

What are the benefits of our workshops for individuals?

Fun, laughter and joy! It will never be death by Powerpoint – we promise. Sometimes we even take time for a nap!

What are the benefits of our workshops for businesses?

You will benefit from your people bringing their whole selves (not just their work-self) to the challenge. You will go away with a team who is united behind a common goal (be that a vision, set of values or a strategy), and is energised and motivated.

What does a typical workshop involve?

Games, games and more games.

Will I have to perform in front of my colleagues?

Not unless you want to. Most of the work we do is in pairs or small groups.

What does a typical coaching session involve?

Our coaching work is led by you so there’s no such thing as a typical session. At the start of our time together we will talk about what you want to explore. Then, depending on the topic, we might write a future story (one that looks back from the future), create a mood board, go for a walk and talk or do some visualisation. We will agree actions and check in the next time we meet about how you’ve got on.