Playfully changing
the way you work


Creative facilitation that nurtures happy, healthy, collaborative teams 

The world of work is changing. Technology (for all its wonders) means the way we work is intensifying. Being always available, ‘always on’, is driving out space for experimentation, creativity and connection from our working lives. In short, it’s driving out play.

Play allows us to understand complexity, it increases productivity and enables us to respond flexibly to change. It can increase intrinsic motivation, enhance connection between people and improve our resilience. 


But play exists in those liminal spaces – the space in between – and these are getting fewer.  

In a world where communication increasingly happens online, creating time and space to really connect, take a step back from the day-to-day and have fun is vital in sustaining a healthy, creative, communicative culture.   


At Make Work Play we design playful workshops and coaching programmes that help you make space to figure out what’s really important for you and your organisation. 


Because we believe that work doesn’t need to be a grind. 




Find out why play matters