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Imagine that going to work filled you with energy and delight, that Sunday nights were spent eagerly anticipating Monday morning, that every work session left you feeling joyful, satisfied, and connected.

Sounds good right?  But maybe work doesn’t feel like this right now. And you’re not alone.  Perhaps you’ve been working too hard for too long and are a little burnt out.  Or maybe the job that you loved, isn’t doing it for you right now.  Or perhaps you spend all day on zoom meetings that leave you feeling drained.  

Reignite is a nine week programme designed to spark your joy for your work.  Created with purpose led leaders in mind, this playful programme will help you reignite your passion for what you do and learn how to turn work from a grind to a gift.  

Led by Lucy Taylor, the Founder of Make Work Play, Reignite was born when Lucy found she’d lost her own spark for what she did.  Through her journey of rekindling her passion for her work, she developed a set of practices and principles to help make work feel like play again.  And now, for the first time ever she is sharing them with you. 

You are invite to learn the 8 Ps of WorkPlay in an engaging and transformative nine -week journey.  


Each module comes with a video explainer and a creative, playful exercise for you to do. We will gather online each week for 60 minutes to share our learning and explore the principles in action.  


Our last session (week 9)  will be a beautiful, in-person gathering and celebration of all that we have learnt where we will bring together our learning and explore what it means for our work. In a stunning, secret location at the foot of the South Downs, it will be an chance to reflect, bask in nature and be in a supportive community of like minded folk. 


If you have a longing to feel more inspired, energized and joyful with your work, join us on this creative journey into the forest. 


Cohort 1 begins on 10th September with a limited number of spaces.  Book now and replace your FOMO with your JOJO (Joy of Joining). 

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