Pinterest…The Next Big Thing For Online Business Owners?



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Online Business Owners Are Using Pinterest  to collect, curate and share to connect people.

Online business owners are seeing the potential of this exciting new pin board and platform.

Pinterest has been receiving a lot of attention lately, mainly as a result of growing more than 11 million unique visits a  month in January this year and breaking through into the top 10 social networks in the world.

Many of you might just be thinking  oh no not  yet another social networking site, some of you may not even have heard about it yet but its worth discovering because its popularity is growing and its easy to see why.

The Pinterest Headline Stats.

  1. Pinterest has a google page rank of 6 and root domain authority of 93.
  2. It is ranked by alexa as 275 globally, 53 in the US and now 353 in the UK and growing quickly here.
  3. Pinterest has 3.3 million active monthly users for their Facebook app, 167,000+ followers on twitter and 67,000 + ratings for their app on Itunes.
  4. The average user spends 98 minutes a month on the site compared with 7 hours on Facebook and 2.5 hours on Tumblr.

This two year old bookmarking site lets its users collect and share things they like on the web. It’s possible to create your own intereactive bulletin/vision boards known as pinboards for popular categories using the Pinterest Pin It bookmarlet tool and Iphone app to save on and offline. Think of it as a means of creating your very own wish list and boards range from healthy recipes to photographic natural images, household design and retail products of desire through to inspiring books to read, role models to learn from and great wisdom quotes.

Pinterest’s vision is simple, to connect everyone in the world through things they find interesting.

To learn more about what’s so great about this site read this ;

10 Reasons Why We Love Pinterest

The traffic to this site is 68% female with a demographic age of 25-44 years so a great starting place for finding new customers and traffic to your blog, particularly relevant to anyone selling beautiful products online . You can use keywords in the same way you do with Twitter and hashtags when pinning and at the same time its possible to simultaneously publish to Twiiter and Facebook.

Technically Pinterest is still by invite only so you need to get your friends to invite and connect you.

Why consider Pinterest as an online business owner?

Here’s a great article from Copyblogger on 56 ways to use Piniterest for online business owners.

1. A way to build traffic to your site.

Pins link back to their original source so if you pin an image of a product from your business website on your pinboard and someone actually clicks on the image they’ll get directed back to your website.

2. A great way to engage.

Using images and this digital scrapbook concept is just another great way to find and engage with like-minded indivuals who are interested in what you have to say and what you stand for. You have the facility to leave comments on boards and tweet and post to Facebook using hashtags to get a conversayion going. Every time you like or repin an item this action will show up on the users sidebar. It will also send an email notification to the user if they have this message facility turned on.

3. Sourcing great images.

As a blogger I find the site a great resource for sourcing beautiful images and  inspiring messages that can be embedded on my blog.

4. Spreading your video messages.

Pinterest allows you to pin videos too so it can act as yet another video sharing site along with Youtube and other well known video sharing sites.

So there you have it, as an online business owner Pinterest is well worth investing the effort to build branding, identify and target potential customers and source ideas. From a practical perspective its just great to have all your favourite stuff curated in one place and that’s why I ‘m hooked. To view my boards please follow this link online business owners.

Happy pinning!

Enjoy this…we hope so then be a love and share it for us and if you’re looking for more great online marketing and social media tips then be sure to subscribe here or connect with us on one of your preferred channels.



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