Six Secrets To Finding Work You Love

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Finding Work You Love Begins With Why Then What

Why do you get up every morning to go to work, is it  simply out of a necessity to pay your way in life and put a roof over your head and food on the table or do you find deeper meaning and self expression in what you do?

If not, why should this even bother you. After all, you may be a successful high achiever with an above average income right now and an attractive benefits package.

Heres Why…….

People who start with why they do what they do are statistically more proven to enjoy far greater levels of health, wealth, success and fulfillment in life than the average person. Quite simply, there is more energy here which sustains momentum and drive and greater passion to keep going when you hit a roadblock or two. It’s the kind of energy that fills you up and inspires you to be more then do more with your work.

Has what you do become disconnected from a clear sense of why?

You’re more than likely in this camp if any of the following resonates with you;

You feel out of place in your current environment and keep telling people that things are not the same as they once were.

You’re obsessively focused on busyness, efficiency rather than effectiveness.

You’re paranoid about the competition and focus your attention on doing rather than being.

You feel like a fraud, an impostor who is going to be found out for not being quite good enough.

We all have a reason for being and an overriding purpose to our life so finding work that matters is about finding out what we stand for and what we truly value in life. Getting clear on this gives amazing clarity about where you choose to invest your time and energy. You focus on the right things and stop being busy to avoid addressing those deeper nagging and soulful questions about what’s missing.

Six Secrets To Finding Work You Love

Secret No 1. Clarity & Vision

This starts by considering the question not what you want to do but who do you want to become in the process. When we begin with the concept of being rather than doing we connect more deeply with all of who we are and we begin to address finding work which meets all of our needs, from the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. When we can combine the spiritual element to our work we have a far greater capacity for self empowerment and self actualisation and therefore greater levels of fulfillment and personal mastery can be realised.

Secret No 2 Elimination

Now we’re illuminated about what’s important to us and what values drive our behaviours as well as the corresponding feelings that we want to enjoy as a result of becoming our best self we are now in a position to get rid of anything that does not serve us. We clear the clutter and debris from our lives and the people who bring us down . Often this self reflection comes at a time of personal crisis when we can see clearly what factors have been getting in the way of us living more authentically and finding work that matters. So we leave companies that do not match our value set and bosses that do not empower us and environments and relationships that keep us drained. Our minds expand as we begin to see new possibilities because we now have the space and the energy to create anew.

Secret No 3- Focus & Intention

Now we’re clear on which direction we’re headed in and why we’re going that way we can get down to the task of focusing all our intention on the realisation of our dreams and our goals. Finding work we love is as much about committing our hearts as well as our minds wholeheartedly. Thoughts really do become things and when we can focus our intent in the right way we can truly begin to manifest exactly what we want which includes finding work we love.

Secret No 4-Attention

Once we set our intention it is then only really a matter of applying our will and daily discipline to installing the right kind of habits that take us closer to our dreams and desires and become second nature.

Secret No 5-Action

This is all about focusing our efforts on what is important rather than what is urgent so we only act in alignment and remain true to ourselves.When we are looking to find work we love we must give attention to how we use our time wisely. It’s about investing our efforts in things that are worthwhile that will make all the difference in the mid to longer term rather than becoming side-tracked by distractions that pull us away from our purpose.

It’s also about the full realisation that happiness is not “out there” and what we do every day should be as enjoyable as reaching the pinnacle of our life’s work .

Secret No 6-Detachment

This is where we let go of any attachment to our desires trusting that they will be delivered if we have the faith and belief in ourselves This allows our heart to remain open and to see the opportunities in absolutely everything that begins to manifest in our life.It also opens us up to flexibility in our plans, for instance, finding work we love might start out with a very clear idea of how things will shape up yet often the real gifts remain hidden. We frequently mistake disappointments and let downs initially because we fail to see the options they open up until later on our path.

Perhaps you are hoping to set up a business that allows you to do the work you love yet don’t have a clue where to start or maybe you need help in identifying your business purpose right now. If so, we can help you step up and step out so why not give us a call.

Enjoy this, we hope so, then go on be a love and share it for us and be sure to drop us a comment here on what you take away from this.

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