How To Discover Your Passion

Finding Your Passion Commences When You Re-discover Your Self

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Discovering your passion can make all the difference in running a successful online business and not. By far one of the most common excuses I hear from people about never actually getting started online  or offline, for that matter, is that they haven’t got a clue what they’re really passionate about. So they go searching and invariably get distracted with a million and one options that promise fool proof results, guaranteed income, easy lead generation and formulaic blueprints. These latest shiny proven objects just serve to keep them stuck in their current dilemma, doing work they don’t really want to and staying put in an environment that’s restrictive with people who have fallen into the same old traps.

It’s like living life in black and white instead of colour. It’s monotonous, mundane and energy sapping and will slowly creep up on you until you start to form regret upon regret, get cynical in your outlook, rigid in your thinking and totally envious of anyone who has dared to dream, to explore and to have a go.

Let’s get this clear,none of this is your fault. For year’s you’ve been led down this path, into believing that’s it’s not possible to make money doing work you love and being  damn-right passionate about it. Your career choice felt  sensible, provided a stable income and gave you choices at the time.You followed conventional practise falsely believing that fulfilling work, work that you love is only really for celebrities, artists, creative types who always knew what they were going to do and who they would be in the process.

Too Exhausted to Discover Your Passion?

It’s a crying shame that so many people are actually too worn out to even contemplate the very idea of discovering your passions and finding the work you love. Let’s clear up this perception too that you discover your passion by going and finding it.

Not so….Passion finds you, it’s an inside out job, find who you are and you’ll find your passion .

So passion is really all about a reconnection, getting inspired again, relearning as well as unlearning what you’ve come to believe and accept about yourself and what’s possible. Passion is found as you begin to uncover the gold within and remember who you truly are . It’s a heart thing as flow comes through us not from us. Passion will never find a home in someone who is frazzled and burnt out. Exhaustion kills passion in  far more areas than the bedroom.

The 3 Things That Sabotage Our Passions

  1. Fear of the unknown-Here’s where you kill any inspired ideas with a great big ‘but’. You fear what you don’t know and if you can’t have the certainty of outcome you fear trying. Maybe you fear failure or  maybe its the success itself, failing matters because it’s your heart’s desire and success might just lead to consequences that restrict, expose you or force you to deal with stuff you’d rather not.
  2. Your rational mind-That makes excuses, telling you it’s not possible to take the plunge because you don’t have enough cash or the know-how or often both but following your passion is not dependent upon having all the right resources, its actually focused on your resourcefulness!
  3. You’re a conformist at heart and you’re own worst enemy-Preoccupied with what people will think of you and overly concerned with doing the right thing for others without due regard for your own needs. Then you make the mistake of sharing your dreams with people who don’t get it and have no intention in supporting you.

Reigniting Your Passion For Your Work

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  • This starts with getting curious again and learning to explore. You’re in that place where you don’t automatically close down options or dismiss ideas until you’ve researched them, checked your reaction, tuned into your feelings and allowed yourself the indulgence of playing with the concept for a while.
  • Start focusing on what you’re drawn to.
  • Create some space for reflective thinking time.
  • Get answering these questions;

What are you good at/enjoy doing ?

What fills you with a sense of purpose?

What comes natural to you in terms of skills and talents?

When have you been most fulfilled in the past that made you lose track of time?

Foe even more questions down this avenue checkout  15 questions for discovering your passion.

Money Doesn’t Necessarily Follow Finding Your Passion

Having reconnected with your passion(s) then its about converting what you have to offer into direct translatable value to others. This is about identifying how your talents can solve real problems for people. That means thinking differently, serving differently and marketing differently.

More on this one next week, until then, drop us a line and let us know whether you’ve had any success in discovering or I should say reconnecting with your passion (s). As always, if this has been useful we’d be ever so grateful if you’d share it.

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