50 Shades of Tweeting Success For The Online Marketer.

Twitter 50 Shades of Tweeting Success For The Online Marketer. If You’re A Serious Online Marketer Then You Will Need To Master Twitter.

Online marketers have a wide array of tools available to spread their message far and wide yet few are as effective as Twitter in my opinion.

Twitter is one of those tools that I ‘ve fallen in love with but it wasn’t always that way, like many social media platforms it takes time, discipline and effort to learn the rules at play. I now firmly believe that it’s a vital component for any serious online marketer who wants to build a personal brand and gain access to people you wouldn’t typically bump into within your immediate networking circle.

I ‘ve  successfully connected with a  thought leader on concious leadership for a modelling exercise for my NLP coaching practice and made some valuable contacts within my area of expertise. My twitter buddies also generously share my content allowing new dialogues to be had regarding joint ventures and collaborative projects so it really has opened up my world and my eyes to seeing its true value . Moreover, its fun and doesn’t have to be time consuming.

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Twitter Etiquette For Online Marketers.

I continue to build my own following on my two accounts but here are some important lessons that I ‘ve learnt about what works and what to avoid with regard to twitter etiquette;

1. Be generous-share others tweets.

2. Don’t just broadcast, engage and connect.

3. Use the @ reply to get people’s attention.

4. Use hastags to join in conversations or start your own.

5. Avoid using too many hastags as they detract from the quality and look or your tweet.

6. Quality over quantity-its not how big your following is but how active  and engaged they are.

8. Stay professional-watch spellings and grammar.

9. Stop trying to market yourself.

10. Stay on topic and be relevant.

11. Don’t add your pet image to your profile bio use a decent photo, people want to see your face or company logo but I’m a big one for personalisation.

12. Encourage and uplift with your tweets.

13. Don’t rant about others or stuff.

14. Always acknowledge and thank others.

15. Reciprocity matters.

16. Avoid getting too personal.

17. Say it with pictures as they  really do say a thousand words.           tweets 50 Shades of Tweeting Success For The Online Marketer.

18. Share video and podcast links to build wider appeal.

19. Before tweeting ask yourself ….. does it build my authority?

20. Avoid the automated schedule approach where multiple tweets with the same message land all at once, you’ll be labelled as a spammer.

21. Have fun and play around until you get the hang of it.


22. Don’t follow someone because you expect them to follow you back. Select people who you are interested in.

23. Ask questions.

24. Use #FF  (Short for follow fridays) to shout out others.

25.  Use a recognisable Twiiter handle-ideally your business or your name.

26. Use your Twitter bio to help others get a sense of you, share your personality.

27.  Give credit where it is due.

28. Don’t follow others to drive up your numbers then immediately unfollow them once they connect with you…it’s damn right rude.

29. Be helpful.

30. Try and use less than 140 characters that way others get to add their comments when RTing.

31. Be timely with your responses.

32. Stay authentic.

33. Avoid linking all your social media so tweets get posted to Facebook etc it looks naff. I thought this was so clever when I first got started now I realise it just makes you look like a spammer.

34. It’s ok to have multiple twitter acounts for different audiences. Here are mine;

@midliferebel For  midlife information content providers and professionals learning about how to start a business online.

@alchemy4thesoul For soulful women who want to grow, develop and learn more about how to access their authentic power.

35. Segregate your followers into lists.

36. Always check your links before you tweet them.

37. Be honest.

38. Don’t buy followers.

39. Persistence counts.

40. Nurture relationships.

41. Learn from others.

42. To take the conversation further move to DM (direct message) status.

43. Break news stories or be amongst the first to spread them.

44. Don’t be afraid to be controversial and state your opinion.

45. Think about a twiiter tool for blog integration.

46. Analyze the success of your most poular tweets.

47. Give away freebies and point to useful sources of quality free material.

48. Restrict your time on Twitter.

49. Expand your conversations offline.

50. Get started now and learn as you go.

If you’ve found this useful then as always we’d be ever so grateful if you’d share this info and be sure to subscribe here for more online marketing tips with or without a budget.


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