If You’re A Serious Internet Marketer Then Here’s Why You Need To Wake Up To The Value of Linkedin.

linkedin round 150x150 If Youre A Serious Internet Marketer Then Heres Why You Need To Wake Up To The Value of Linkedin.If you’re not on Linkedin and you’re an Internet marketer  then you might just be missing out…big time. If you’re self employed and are trying to build a business online then this is a serious site in terms of social media for business.

It forms one of the big 4 social media sites and is slightly more sober and serious than other platforms reflecting the tone of its users-business professionals.

Currently the others majors include Facebook,YouTube and Twitter.

Whilst Linkedin has grown more slowly than these other social media platforms it is still a great medium for making valuable connections, think of it as a mini Google, listing the who’s who in the business world and one of the top 5 sites that drive organic traffic to your website. On this basis alone, its a need to have in your social media arsenal and Internet marketing strategy.

Basically Linkedin is a networking tool to recommend job candidates, industry experts and business partners. It allows registered users to maintain a list of contact details of people they know, like and trust in business. It is the world’s no 1 free and paid website for business professionals offering a basic free service , a business premium and pro membership.

Some members on the site are categorised as LIONS which basically stands for Linkedin open networkers.

 Did you know that:

  • 56 % of all users fall outside the US. The UK has 6 million users.
  • The average age falls between 25 and 45 years and the users are 60% male compared with Twitter that typically has a larger female following.
  • Most registered users are working for companies and are therefore typically employees with the largest proportion of companies active coming from Finance and High Tech but the largest proportion of users come from Sales.
  • The average income bracket per user is 109k….that’s right…I bet I’ve got your attention now!

Features include the ability to;

  • Export your database from email outlook etc
  •  Build your database relatively quickly by inviting connections and receiving connections.
  •  Advertise like on Facebook which  can be targeted by location and industry sector etc.
  • Promote your company.
  •  Recommend colleagues/ex colleagues and customers and  receive recommendations.
  • You can link to your website/twitter and blog.
  • You can share presentations and post updates.
  • Start a group and build thought leadership and expertise around your specialism.


Here’s how you can utilise Linkedin for building a successful brand online.

8 Steps to Build Your Success;

1. Profile.

Create an attractive profile. The tone is more business professional than Face book but the same issues stand. Be original, consistent and show them the person behind the brand. Connect up your other sites.If you really want to stand out from the crowd when why not add a video-definitely one update for my list but here’s how to go about it from the Linkedin expert himself Lewis Howes;

Fast Tube by Casper

For more info and a step by step guide to perfecting this , read this  5 simple steps for improving your Linkedin visibility.

Tip- For SEO purposes use a smattering of your keywords throughout your profile in 5 key areas-your headline title, your current experience, past experience, your summary and your specialities area. Make it flow as naturally as possible so it reads OK.

Focus on how you help people rather than selling yourself as a self employed online marketer.

2. Make Friends first.

Start with any personal contacts-find or transport them from your email. Move on to connect with those you think would be beneficial. Request friends over time don’t be a spammer.. The easiest way to do this is by interacting in groups and making contact that way.

3. Provide Valuable Contact.

It’s all about what value you provide and how helpful you can be. Don’t expect people to comment on your posts if you don’t contribute.

4. Don’t Talk About Yourself.

It’s not about you.  Share don’t sell.

5. Join Groups.

There are heaps-think about your niche, areas of knowledge and expertise and choose wisely. Post questions, news updates and articles and blog posts but not  to everyone, be selective.

Tip- be proactive

6. Share.

Contribute your knowledge and people will be interested in what you have to say. I make regular  connections  just by interacting. People invite you to connect with them and you go from there. Get a dialogue going. I know from personal experience it is much more pleasant when you get a personal note rather than just a standard invite and once you accept you never hear from them again.Don’t be one of those people!

7. Avoid Frequent Emails.

You pick up followers like other sites and have the facility to message them though I would avoid sending regular updates to all which can be irritating if not targeted or personalised correctly.

8. Answer a question.

The questions and answers feature allows you to respond to users questions thereby highlighting your expertise and drawing attention to your services. Equally you can submit questions on areas that fall outside of your knowledge and receive answers that can help you make better decisions in your business.

This completes the 8 steps…so now you might want to think about starting a group of your own.

I suggest you get up to 500 connections first so there are plenty of people you can invite to join your group. Then you need to make weekly posts as you would for sites like Facebook and encourage discussions and full participation like you would elsewhere.

What to do now.

If you haven’t joined yet then go and register and get started.Connect with me here and I ‘ll show you the ropes.

Carry out an audit of your profile-is it 100% complete and have you followed the steps above to maximize your search engine optimisation.

Go and join a group and connect with some members. Invites need to be generally approved and you need their email addresses unless you’re in the same group or can be connected from one of your own network.

Found this valuable?

If so, then share the knowledge and leave me a comment.




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