What Does Your Personal Brand Say About You?

How Would You Define Your Personal Brand & Keep It Relevant?

12 branding archetypes What Does Your Personal Brand Say About You?

In today’s fast paced digital age brands are born every minute so what separates the good from the bad and the ugly and how can a  brand continue to evolve to reflect the emerging market dynamics?

All business brands are typically personifications of the characters that set them up. Think of them as having human like characteristics with a personality and a reputation to uphold. Getting behind your personal brand can reveal much about the kind of principles and values you espouse. Personal brands evoke emotional connections and give consumers a sense of passion and warmth about the people that created them.

These days we all have a personal brand whether we’re in the self employed  business bracket or not. So how can we evolve our personality into a fully fledged  business brand online?

Here’s where archetypes come in.

Everywhere we look we’re surrounded by  these powerful symbols and images that are somehow influencing our behaviour by evoking feelings then thoughts then our actions . In fact, all our decisions are based upon our feelings primarily, albeit unconscious motivations operating under the surface of our conscious mind.

These universal archetypes, which  you’ll find embedded everywhere in our culture from literature to modern media act as gateways to our personal and collective soul.  Let’s say these energetic imprints actually exist in the depths of our psyche and are quietly helping to shape who we actually are and what particular roles we’ll eventually play out over our life -course.

Knowledge of such archetypes actually date back as far as Plato and  Carl Jung developed this area much further. Jung suggested these archetypes are so potent because they  reflect our collective unconscious , the drives, needs, fears and desires that are hardwired in all of us.

Indeed, his design of the 5 Olympic circles symbol  embedded the concept of the circle which represents the imagery of potential and life itself in ancient cultures. Those 5 interlocking  circles are a reflection of 5 energies, earth, air, fire, water and ether or spirit. The Chinese also relate to 5 circles representing life though supplement wood for air and metal for spirit.

Carl Jung’s work inspired the  indicative personality profiler used by Myers Briggs because we know these archetypes resonate powerfully with us.

So archetypes are innate and they transcend time and place. They’re the stuff of legends, the story books and block buster films. They are something that we all intuitively understand  offering short-cuts to meaning and emotional connection. Plato certainly believed we were all born with this innate knowing and certainly if you ask anyone to consider what fire as a symbol represents to them  you’ll commonly get responses such as passion and  personal transformation. We typically associate the symbol of water with our emotions and feelings and air with inspiration and blue-sky thinking, earth represents a practical, grounded and down to earth connection.

So archetypes represent different aspects of the way that we think in terms of ancient wisdom and intuitive intelligence. They help us access deeper levels of creativity and insight in order to be able to fully express our passions, purpose and values. These kind of connections are typically hidden from our every day awareness because they are buried deep within our subconscious but when we do access them in can be truly trans-formative.

Ultimately, when you strip everything else away, story is all we are. We are defined by the stories we tell and that are told about us. And brands are part of  that story. At the heart of every great personal brand is a  compelling story built around an emotive character or personality. It’s such a story that provides the critical differentiation and reason for purchasing your product or service offering , pricing and fee structure aside. The story itself builds  the loyalty  of our customer base and following as well as the opportunity to become a part of that story.

Brands evolve over time by staying true to who they are, so it’s never a re-invention as such it’s more a maturing process and coming of age as great brands always remain true to their core archetype.

Here Are 5 Stages to Consider When Creating A Compelling Personal Brand For Your Online Business

1. Review Jung’s 12 master archetypes listed below and begin to select the ones most relevant to you and the ones which resonate with what you aim to offer. In reviewing the list you may find yourself developing one of your own entirely ;

Archetype                                                      Helps People                                 Brand Example

1.      Creator                                                              Craft something new                                    3M

2.     Caregiver                                                            Care for Others                                            Volvo

3.      Ruler                                                               Exert Control                                                    American Express

4.     Jester                                                               Have a good time                                             Fanta

5.     Regular Guy/Girl                                          Ok as you are                                                    Ikea

6.    Lover                                                                Find and give love                                           Häagen-Dazs

 7.   Hero                                                                 Act courageously                                             Nike

8.   Outlaw                                                             Break the rules                                                 Virgin

9.   Magician                                                         Effect transformation                                      Intel

 10. Innocent                                                        Retain or renew faith                                      Coca-Cola

 11. Explorer                                                         Maintain independence                                  Bounty

12    Sage                                                               Understand their world                                   Google


2.  Now Establish your story

This is about defining what’s behind your reasons for set-up and offering a clear, unique and differentiated perspective of the situation and what you bring to the party. Once crafted take some time to test it out with those that know you well to see how it resonates with them. See how believable and motivating people find it and whether it accurately reflects your character and values set. Customers and prospects should be able to get your brand values purely from the story alone.

3. Next comes Tag Line

The essence of your story, the core of who you are-all your experiences, knowledge, values and character reflects your unique personality and what you aim to bring to the world. Once you have this you somehow need to distil that down to a sentence that encapsulates it all and offers a short-cut to understanding for those browsing your site.

It acts as this wonderful filter to keep those you want coming back for more and subscribing to your list.

4. Decide on Logo’s & Colour

Logo’s will be determined by the archetype selection which maybe very clear cut for you or is likely to be an amalgamation of a couple of archetypes. For example; if you’ve spent a decent amount of time on my site then you’ll begin to acknowledge that my brand is  really a mixture of Outlaw/Explorer/Creator providing the basis for a bold red/yellow/black combination and almost tattoo rebel logo. A more serene brand will typically have a calmer colour palette and image to reflect that.

5. Copy will follow your brand design

You are now ready to write some compelling copy based around the core personality of the brand so that’s about using languages and phrases that would resonate with the audience who will be attracted to YOU. If your branding is more of a Jester archetype then typically the copy will be more informal and lively, if more of a Sage archetype then it will be more sober and authoritative in style.

Time invested up front in capturing your core personality archetype will provide the right platform and foundations for building an enduring personal brand online over time.

If you’ve found this info useful then  please drop us a line as we are always keen to hear your comments and we’re always grateful if you share it but why not subscribe here for more online marketing tips and business tactics to help you turn your business into pleasure.




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