6 Reasons Why You Need A Business Coach

Business Coaches Can Make All The Difference To Your Results

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Business coaches are growing in popularity as more and more people in business recognise the advantages of being held to account and supported with their business plans. A business coach is primarily focused upon the businesses’s capacity and capability which typically covers all aspects of strategy, finance, people talent and recruitment , marketing and operations. Business coaches are interested in the big picture whilst at the same time eager to see how each component  aspect of the business links to the whole vision and effective delivery of it’s mission. They help you unravel what gets in the way and put the jigsaw together by finding the missing pieces so you can improve the overall performance.

Business coaches listen, observe and ask lots of questions to encourage you to take the action you need . As a result clients set smarter goals, make better decisions, take more action and more fully utilise their natural talents.

A great business coach helps you to love the work you do.

Micro businesses and solopreneurs often find many excuses to justify why they don’t need any support, mainly born out of a lack of funds when starting out but what if a business coach could help you find the gold and  shortcut and accelerate your learning so you don’t have to suffer in silence?

6 Reasons Why You Need A Business Coach

1. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

When you’re in the thick of it, struggling to make ends meet and juggling the endless tasks of your daily “to do” list, there is little time for observation, self reflection and space for new possibilities and unique ways of looking at problems to come to the surface. That’s where a great business coach can make all the difference, spotting what you don’t see by means of a facilitation discussion at the right time.

2. When You’re Resisting Taking The Next Step

Many of us  don’t always capitalise on the opportunities we’re given or make best use of our networks. We don’t step forward or step up but we don’t always have a conscious awareness of why we’re sabotaging our results. A business coach can help you understand yourself and your behaviour often bringing deep-seated unconscious programming to the surface through a process of exploration and discovery. When we have values, for example, that appear to be incongruent with each other we’ll sabotage our goals unknowingly. For instance, you want to earn a healthy income but you want balance in your life and subconsciously gaining more clients and winning more business equals more time spent away from the family.

Self realisation and understanding can help you move through a number of business hurdles very effectively but it takes a great coach to unearth the real issues that lay underneath the perceived problems.

3. You’re Not Seeing The Connections

In the same way that your subconscious missed why you’re not moving forward with the obvious next step you’re also missing the interconnection of solutions to your situation. In many ways we’ve become so seperated, specialised and niche because that’s how we’ve learnt to differentiate and sell ourselves in today’s competitive business environment, we’ve lost sight of the whole. We don’t connect the fact that our results in our external reality are a perfect reflection of our internal world. Our thoughts and our beliefs are always showing up to act as a reminder yet we prefer to keep searching rather than take a closer look at our intentions behind those thought patterns.

In many ways as businesses grow and become more sophistocated, perhaps multi-site, we become more silo and fail to see how a process set up in marketing or finance is having a detrimental impact in operations.

4. They’ll Hold You Accountable

Accountability is one of a business coaches greatest assets. They’ll tell you the truth and what you might not want to hear. Far more than a consultant they’ll provide you with valuable insights to help make your long term goals a reality as well as adding value in areas you may well have overlooked. A proven business coach will keep you on track, support you when you fall and bring light to those dark dreaded moments.They’ll help you see the picture for your business and your life whilst keeping you sane, healthy and balanced.

5. They’ll See the Real Authentic You

Great business coaches don’t try to change you they try to help you discover the real you. In this way they access an unlimited power within to ignite both passion and purpose to ensure your goals are aligned with your deepest desires therby encouraging, motivating and building your energy and sense of self worth and confidence.

6. They’ll Provide You With a Laser like Focus

Consider how much time you currently invest in your work and small business. In many regards, a lot of wasted effort, time and energy is being lost due to a lack of clarity or know -how. We all have the same amount of time each week yet some people know how to maximise theirs and focus their attention on what matters rather than what’s urgent. Productivity is about mastering the difference between being busy and being effective. An experienced business coach can provide you with the much needed focus to help get you organised and stay productive whilst enjoying an increased client base and more income.

If you’re thinking of going self employed and starting an online business and need assistance with establishing your vision or want to re-think and overhaul your business to improve the results you’re experiencing then get in touch to talk further about how we can support you in stepping up and stepping out to work that matters.


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