Forget Those New Year’s Resolutions

2013 New year’s resolutions courtesy of Ydraw.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

OK so its the third week in January and I ‘m sat here writing about new year’s resolutions. Why?

Because its a well known fact that statistically most of us will have already abandoned the idea of sticking to what goals we set ourselves. Instead we’ve succumbed to the very temptations we decided to avoid and have given up on the idea that a new regime could ever be possible.

Careers are no different, business growth the same, in fact when it comes to changing our approach we love the idea of the new, starting over, a clean slate and doing things differently but that’s as far as it goes. Most of us though never take the imagined state of being and translate that into any action at all.

Building an online business is no different. Many people like the idea of working for themselves and earning a living selling what they know but few ever get started and even less keep going when the realities of what’s involved become self evident.

As creatures of habit we prefer to stick with the familiar and we’ve got a bucket load of phrases to justify same old like “ If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” and ” change for change sake” which positively steers  us right into the “better the devil you know” mentality and for what benefit really?

Change is hard we all know that, especially the deep transformational lasting change but we’re all here to experience it. We’re all here to evolve.

The first rule in business is evolve or die. So we’ve got to learn to adapt  and  to move with the times. We’ve got to get more comfy with change and we’ve got to get better at setting resolutions for ourselves and our businesses that actually work. To achieve any kind of goal, desire or aim in life you’ve first got to get it lined up what you really want NOT what you think you should be doing.

Understand Your Intentions For Building Your Online Business

Let’s take that concept to the example of growing and building your online business for a moment. It’s easy to get caught up in the same old, same old processes. It’s easy to follow suit with what everyone else is doing or advising you to do.  They tell you to master all the social media sites, to blog and post regularly, to capitalise on all the latest trends like videos, to define a narrow niche and follow a tried and tested way of building your brand.We know there is merit in all this and we’ve advocated some of this stuff ourselves but not without a mindful or authentic approach to what you’re doing and not when it builds fear, overwhelm, confusion, resentment and procrastination in you. We know that this just leads to resistance.

Here’s where Make Work Play aspires to a different methodology, we say bugger that!

Don’t look outside, look within.


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Focus On Your Passions

That’s why we advocate starting with your passion and purpose if you’re serious about integrating your work with your life. There’s far more energy and inspiration to move forward from this place rather than focusing on what you’re trying to avoid.

Worry less about your competitors and more about enchanting your customers.

Worry less about being seen everywhere on the Web and focus on building deep connections you enjoy.

Instead of worrying about all those goals you’ve set just ask yourself these questions instead ;

What do I yearn for above all else?

Of course we all focus on the big 4- Health/Wealth/Love & Lifestyle but what will making more cash do for you. Follow that thought to its end conclusion and you get into values like freedom and security and loftier aspirations like leaving a legacy and making a difference.

Who do I want to become in the process of building an online business?

In becoming wealthier for instance are you merely after greater recognition and acceptance, often a deeper need for greater self-worth or peace of mind that you can actually take care of more people and make a greater impact in your community. One is self-serving , the other selfless and its possible to help yourself by helping others.

Starting with these questions is altogether more positive, more inspiring but most importantly more energising.

Rather than focusing on giving something up,abstaining, resisting, avoiding,depriving ourselves we focus on the joy and the fun of creation, engagement and fulfillment of work. That’s why we know that starting with purpose and passion is the only way to go. Whilst doing what you love offers no guarantee it will make you wealthy it will give you the fuel to find your own gold.

Our business philosophy is about pure unadulterated pleasure and we don’t deviate from this philosophy because we know that it drains us and when we loose balance we loose perspective and when this happens we loose sight of why we’re doing it in the first place.We loose sight of what our customers deeper needs and drivers are really all about so loose our ability to deliver the goodies.

  • Our customers don’t want to be sold to, they want to discover for themselves.
  • Our customers want to be inspired emotionally, mentally and spiritually by the posts we write and the services we provide.
  • Our customers want to learn how they can find their authentic voice and conquer those fears that hold them back.
  • Our customers don’t want to be followers they want to make a difference in the world.

The concept of building your business online is merely a portal to that deeper, unlimited, selfless loving YOU that you haven’t yet realised.

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Don’t Follow….Lead.

So rather than focusing on new year resolutions or goals that have been set when that inner voice told you you should be doing it that way or this way, tune into your deepest intentions. Intentions have far more power in them.

When we flow with this current of deeper feelings and intentions we can truly create waves and ride any storm. We’re not carried away by what the market does because we’ve created our own market of possibility. We only do this when we’re in harmony with who we truly are and those driving ‘why’ feelings behind what we do. The more noble and purposeful our intentions the greater the chance of meeting with success that feels sustainable,worthwhile and wholesome rather than hollow, egotistical and  ultimately soulless.

If you’re deepest intentions for business this year is to get clear about who you really are and what you really want then you need some help with that process then we’re here for you. We’ve developed an art out of clarifying what others truly want then made it our mission to uncover innate talent and help them find the work they love to do.

If you don’t yet love what you do and are keen to change all that then why not make 2013 the year you finally resolved to find your flow.


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