Lucy Taylor

After graduating from the University of Oxford in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Lucy trained in qualitative research, honing her skills as a facilitator at FreshMinds with clients like Innocent, DCMS and eBay.

Following this she did a stint at the Central Office of Information. Here she helped government departments engage the public and stakeholders around thorny policy issues as well as immersing herself in the world of behaviour change.

On leaving COI, Lucy struck out on her own and for the last 6 years has worked as a facilitator, brand consultant and trainer for clients including the BBC, Discovery Chanel, Civil Service Learning, Unilever and Cancer Research.  

As part of On Your Feet, a collaboration that uses improvisational theatre to help companies with creativity, relationships and story telling, Lucy has developed a creative and immersive approach to her facilitation.  Her skills lie in designing and facilitating workshops and events that draw people in and send them away feeling energised and motivated, having done the work without it feeling like work.

Lucy is an associate Strategy Director with Challenger Brand consultancy eatbigfish.  Here she’s helped organsiations from Elizabeth Arden to UKTV get clear about the story their organization is trying to tell and how this impacts what they do on a day to day basis.

For the last 3 years, Lucy has been collaborating with Greenpeace International on creating a new narrative for the organisation which has snow balled into a global story led change project.

She is also a ‘Forest Friend’ of Dancing Fox, a consultancy that works with change makers across the NGO world to tell disruptive stories.  Together they run training sessions for activists on the power of story to create a better world.