Make Work Play

What we do

At Make Work Play we are on a mission to use the power of play, creative endeavour and nature to get teams working and being better together.

We bring creative practice to bear on organisational challenges to help organisations create flow and see old challenges through fresh eyes.

Whether it’s creating a brand narrative, helping a team work well together or coming up with ideas for a new campaign or strategy, we design experiences and processes that help you step into a different space (physically and metaphorically).

We draw on a range of creative disciples, from improv to storytelling, puppetry and philosophy to get groups and individuals being and thinking differently.

The way we work is immersive, interactive and playful. We give people permission to play and experiment with new ideas and ways of being. We invite people to bring their whole selves to bear (not just their work persona) as this is where the magic happens.

Why we do it


We believe that play, as well as being good for the soul, makes people more productive. In our experience, the most interesting breakthroughs come when you’re really not trying very hard.


We believe that sitting in front of a computer all day is not how change happens – nor is sitting around a boardroom table talking. We believe that changing your physical context can unlock a different perspective and that nature is an underrated source of inspiration.


We believe that too much weight is placed on the linear, logical and cognitive and that to get to really creative solutions we need to engage our bodies, feelings and our brains