Ever Thought About Starting An Online Business?

Quit your job and learn how to change your life so you still have time to play.

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This site provides self help resources to discover and focus on your true talents, combined with practical online marketing strategies, life and business coaching to enable you to wave goodbye to the corporate treadmill by starting an online business and finding work that really matters.

Navigating the path to starting an online business  and self employment by identifying the work you love to do can be a tricky and , at times, very lonely ride.

It doesn’t need to be.

There’s a ton of free information to poke, provoke and positively propel you to act and finally get off your butt, quit your job and change your life!

I help you to get clear on those all important questions.

What do I want and what makes me unique?

finding work you love to do Ever Thought About Starting An Online Business?Online marketing strategies so you can step up and step out confidently and look like a pro in no time at all.

Community know-how, love and support to steer and promote you.

There are generally 3 key reasons that hold us back from the work that we love to do;

  1. The fear of failure and following an alternative path to the masses.
  2. Lack of know-how and a false belief that our passions won’t pay us what we need to live the kind of lifestyle we desire.
  3. The perception that working for ourselves requires significant cash to market and personally brand online.

‘To find the work that’s waiting for you  you’ve got to be prepared to let go of the work you’ve got’

Who can I help?

The disillusioned and stressed out corporate suit better classified as the ‘walking dead’. Forgive me but I’ve been there and can relate. You’re consumed by a daily diet of blood boiling corporate bollocks, sardine like commuting habits and a cardiac inducing to do list and deadline schedule.

  • You need rescuing.
  • You need to get a life.
  • You’re worth far more.
  • How long have you been under estimating and devaluing yourself?

office life Ever Thought About Starting An Online Business?The internet marketer who is starting out and trying to make sense of all the jargon and avoid the sales hype formulaic websites with zero personality, endless copy promising you the latest ‘must have’ solution to short-cut your way to success, zillions and millions whilst draining your bank funds in no time at all.

You need some structure, an easy to understand approach to learning how to market successfully online but with a real insight and focus on the bigger picture of what you’re attempting to achieve with a little more planning and strategy thrown in.

You need love, encouragement and community.

You need to have your very own cyber marketing buddy to follow and to lead you to the trusted sources of knowledge and wisdom.

The small business owner trying to make sense of this digital world and how to direct your marketing efforts online reaching a wider target audience and attempting to create that buzz around your brand.

You need to play catch up without being made to feel like a dinosaur.

I won’t promise you overnight success though I can short-cut your learning curve by sharing my experiences, mistakes (otherwise known as challenges that grow you if they don’t kill you). I‘ll be sharing a network of positivity, know-how and go to people.

Our focus here is all about how to honour and develop yourself and the work that you love to do.

I promise never to give up on you, to cherish you and champion you all the way to the finish line so stick around, opt in and let’s get started with turning those passions into profit and dreams into reality.

If you would like to be rescued from the work you have created to find the work that’s waiting for you please contact kathroberts@makeworkplay.co.uk.

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